Dance Adventure – Pre Jazz/Hip Hop

Address: 36 Sherwood Pl, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA

Location:Dance Adventures
Address:6 Sherwood Pl, Greenwich, CT
Website:Dance Adventures
Ages:3.5 to 5 year olds
Drop Off:Yes


Improving dance technique, while maintaining a sense of fun, keeps our younger students engaged. We encourage students to improve in their foundation of dance skills, learning basic technique. Learning to improvise and enact small dance pieces throughout the year, fosters creativity in our preschool students. Teaching with stories, props, and live piano accompaniment all contribute to develop both musicality and confidence in their dancing.


Registration for this class enrolls you in one class per week, with the below schedule options.

Day Time
Thursday 2:15-2:45

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If space is available, you may join this class mid-session at a prorated price.


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