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Happiness Preschool

Address: 374 Middlesex Rd, Darien, CT 06820, USA

Location:St. Thomas More Church
Address:374 Middlesex Rd, Darien, CT
Website:Happiness Preschool
Drop Off:Yes
Lunch Bunch/Extended Day:Yes (2s excluded)
Session Length:September to June (2's: 10 week program offered in September & January)
Birthdate Cut-Off:December 31


Happiness Preschool key goals:
-To impart to each child the love of God, self and neighbor through creative learning activities
-To provide a loving, supportive atmosphere for learning and play
-To help the child learn about himself and the world around him/her
-To develop self-control and self-discipline and assist the child in coping with problems,
learning to share, taking turns and using energy for constructive purposes
-To encourage exploration, discovery and awareness through interaction with peers and
adults alike

“Learning through exploration, discovery, and awareness of God’s creation”. The children’s classroom is divided into learning centers in order to enable the children to move freely and choose their own activities. At certain times during the day the teachers will direct the children in meetings, arts and crafts, music and literature.

3s and 4s discuss important facets of their religion through snack time prayer, visits to the church, and discussions about Christmas and Easter. They talk about correct behavior in church and receive many visits from their Pastor and Parochial Vicar. 4s use a religion book with lessons implemented thematically into the curriculum and further discussed at home.


2017-2018 Schedule (*2018-2019 Schedule coming soon!)

2 Year Olds - 1 Day

3 Year Olds - 3 Days
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

3 Year Olds - 4 Days

4 Year Olds - 5 Days

Pre-K - 5 Days

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Registration begins in January for the following September.

Call 203.655.6053 to have a registration packet sent to you.

*Please note: priority placement is given to active parishioners. Factors considered in placement include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Requests from alumni families
  2. Requests for placement of siblings of currently enrolled children
  3. The level of parish participation and support
  4. Special circumstances