Music Together – Rowayton

Address: 210 Rowayton Ave, Norwalk, CT 06853, USA

Location:United Church of Rowayton
Address:210 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton, CT
Website:Music Together
Ages:0 to 5 year olds
Drop Off:No
Session Length:10 weeks


Each week babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grownups who love them gather for 45 minutes of fun-filled family music time. Your teacher will lead you and the other families in music activities ranging from lullabies to full-on jam sessions (with child-friendly instruments, of course). It’s so much fun you won’t realize just how much learning is taking place! Children learn through play. And playing with music is what we do! As you discover new ways to play with music, you’ll be supporting your child’s music-learning and overall development. Child development researchers discovered that grouping children of different ages in one class creates an environment of family-style learning where young children thrive. In a mixed-age class, everyone is supported to participate at their own levels: babies vocalize, wiggle listen, and observe; toddlers actively play and experiment; and preschoolers build confidence as they emerge into classroom leaders. This mix of ages, stages and learning styles makes for a rich and supportive learning environment for everyone, including the grownups!


Registration for this class enrolls you in one class per week, with the below schedule options.

Day Time
Monday 9:30-10:15 or 10:30-11:15
Tuesday 9:30-10:15 or 10:30-11:15 or 4:15-5:00
Wednesday 9:30-10:15 or 10:30-11:15 or 3:30-4:15 or 4:30-5:15
Thursday 9:45-10:30 or 10:45-11:30
Friday 9:30-10:15

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Enrollment is currently open for this class! The next session begins January 2nd and runs until March 12th.

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Free demo classes are welcome — visit their website, call or e-mail to schedule.