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Sacred Heart Greenwich

Address: 1177 King St, Greenwich, CT 06831, USA

Location:Sacred Heart Greenwich
Address:1177 King St, Greenwich, CT
Website:Sacred Heart Greenwich
Drop Off:Yes
Lunch Bunch/Extended Day:Yes
Session Length:September to June
Birthdate Cut-Off:December 31st


At the Barat Center for Early Childhood Education at Sacred Heart Greenwich, our mission honors the young child through a keen appreciation of their developmental and transitional needs. We believe that a developmental approach is vital in promoting instructional experiences that respect the individuality and pace of every learner. We enable the children to grow in confident independence, with a strong connection to each other, and a deep awareness and tolerance for others.

We immerse our multi-aged, three- to five-year-olds in a classroom environment that fosters and nurtures their individual growth through discovery, observation, inquiry and play. Throughout the day, your children will engage one-on-one in play-based centers. Social and emotional development is one of the major threads of our curricular attention.

Our program provides rich learning experiences in phonological and phonemic awareness, emergent literacy, number sense, and fine and gross motor development. We are highly committed to immersing children in the natural world by using outdoor classroom experiences that highlight concepts and skills. Additionally, Barat Center introduces them to enriching offerings, such as world languages, art, music, and technology.


3-5 Year Olds - 3 Days
M, T, W

3-5 Year Olds - 3 Days
M, T, W

3-5 Year Olds - 5 Days

3-5 Year Olds - 5 Days

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Open House:

Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 9:30am. Click here for admission event details & here to register.


All applications, supporting materials and visits must be completed by February 1st.


Decision letters will be mailed on Friday, March 1st.

For additional admissions information, click here.

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