Tennis – 4s & 5s

Address: 2 Renshaw Rd, Darien, CT 06820, USA

Location:varies by class
Address:155 Nearwater Ln, Darien, CT
Website:4s & 5s Tennis
Ages:4 & 5 year olds
Drop Off:Yes
Session Length:8 weeks
Cost:$125 Residents; $150 Non Residents


Run by New Level Sports, programs are led by a team of professionals who are chosen to raise levels of skill development and provide individuals with lessons that will increase both their knowledge and levels of enjoyment in the game of Tennis. Their motto of, 'We Take You Higher' is used in the hope that once each session has passed, each individual will walk away with a higher level of skill development and knowledge of the game than previously maintained. Classes will utilize fun drills, coordination exercises, and age appropriate games to enhance students understanding and aptitude for tennis. More advanced players will focus on stroke refinement, movement, court sense and match play.


Registration for this class enrolls you in one class per week, with the below schedule options.

Day Time
Monday 2:30-3:15 or 3:15-4:00
Tuesday 3:15-4:00
Wednesday 2:30-3:15 or 3:15-4:00
Thursday 2:30-3:15 or 3:15-4:00
Friday 3:15-4:00
Saturday 1:00-1:45

Day Time
Tuesday 12:45-1:30
Wednesday 12:00-12:45
Saturday 12:15-1:00

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Enrollment opens for the Spring & Summer Sessions on February 28th (residents) & March 7th (non-residents)! Spring Session begins April 2nd and run through June 9th. Summer Session begins June 26th and runs through August 22nd.

Once registration opens, click on the day and time in the above schedule for the class you are interested in.