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Toddlertime Nursery School

Address: 23 Park St, New Canaan, CT 06840, USA

Location:The Congregational Church of New Canaan
Address:23 Park St, New Canaan, CT
Website:Toddlertime Nursery School
Drop Off:Yes
Lunch Bunch/Extended Day:Yes (Social Butterflies & 2-day 2s excluded)
Session Length:September-June


The philosophy of Toddlertime is to provide exciting, innovative and active learning experiences in a secure and nurturing environment. Our goal is to explore an idea from multiple perspectives with the help of real-world experts, tools and experiences, collaborate on projects driven by their curiosity, and share their findings with the world.

Research tells us that all learning takes place though social relationship and discourse. We strongly believe that for the child, this discourse is around play – and that play brings great joy to the learning experience. The teacher’s job is to inspire, facilitate, and mediate play opportunities for children so that learning does in fact occur through this medium. It is through provocation, project work, and staged center-based exploration that children will engage in constructive and meaningful play.

We believe that hands-on sensory and experiential learning engages the whole child. Children achieve a better understanding of their lessons by experiencing them through all their senses. We encourage children to feel, hear, see, smell and touch as well as read and write about their experiences. Beyond the classroom, children explore the local community and participate in enrichment programs brought to school to further discovery and learning.

Other curriculum highlights: music, movement, gym, yoga, Spanish, and science.

Toddlertime follows the New Canaan Public School vacation schedule & has a 177-days school year.


*2018-2019 Schedule (2019-2020 Schedule coming soon!)

18 Month Olds +
Tuesday & Thursday

2 Year Olds - 2 Days
Tuesday & Thursday

2 Year Olds - 3 Days
M, W, F

3 Year Olds - 3 Days
M, W, F

3 Year Olds - 5 Days

4 Year Olds - 5 Days

Pre-K - 5 Days

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Open House (optional):

11/14/18 @ 9:15am & 7pm

12/5/18 @ 9:15am


Applications are welcome from interested families on a rolling year-round basis.

Request an application here.

$100 non-refundable application fee due with application.


Notification is rolling. Upon receipt of application, you will receive a welcome letter within 14 days.

New applicants will be enrolled based on timing of application, child’s age and gender ratio as well as commitment to our preschool program.

Contracts will be mailed out in January, or within 14 days of submitting application if applying after January.

*Please note: priority is given to:

-current students, siblings, alumni families who have completed a 3’s or older program

-child who attended our summer program

-Congregational Church members applying for a 3’s or older program

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