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Introducing Our Newsletter Contributors

Monday, April 9, 2018

Our newsletter is about to get even better! In addition to the weekly event, activity, & preschool roundup you already receive, we are adding a super fun & informative new component. We are so excited to announce that two amazing businesses run by local moms will be offering sleep and parenting advice to you all each week (and easily delivered right to your inbox)! Allow us to introduce our contributors! First up is Cincinnati native Hillary Catherine from Hillary Catherine Sleep Consulting. Now living in Fairfield County, it was not that long ago that Hillary found herself feeling the same way many of us do today: TIRED. Convinced she was doing what was best for her son, she was waking up with him many times throughout the night. After reaching the point of exhaustion, Hillary hired a sleep consultant who completely changed her family’s life. Inspired by this new life of lighter days (and a happier baby), Hillary decided to become a sleep consultant herself. Hillary has dedicated years to learning how to help children and parents lead happier and healthier lives. She has two masters degrees from Columbia University, where she studied psychological counseling with a focus on children. While earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Indiana University, she studied child development, counseling psychology, positive psychology & parenting and family studies. For more information about Hillary and the services she provides to help you find your sleep, check out our Resources for Moms page or head over to her website!


Start sending us your pregnancy & parenting questions…and allow us to introduce Westport moms Melissa & Jessica who are the wonderful women behind The Parent Collective! The Parent Collective offers prenatal & postnatal classes in a truly judgement-free and personal way-- thank you, ladies! Inspired by the National Childbirth Trust of the UK (where they both delivered babies of their own), classes are designed to provide unbiased information while fostering open discussions & establishing life-long friendships. One of the coolest features of their prenatal classes is that they sort participants by neighborhood & due date so you can make local friends while prepping for baby! Once your little one has arrived, the help continues with their parenting workshops which cover topics ranging from feeding support, helping older children adjust to baby, achieving developmental milestones through play, baby nutrition & so much more! Their website has loads of informative videos for both expecting & new parents, along with a long list of local resources. Melissa & Jessica genuinely want to ease the stress & anxiety that come along with pregnancy & parenthood, and they are doing just that with The Parent Collective. Let me just say, boy do I wish I had this resource when I was in the post-partum dark hole that so many of us find ourselves in! Classes are currently offered in Greenwich, Fairfield, Westport, & NYC. For more information about The Parent Collective, head over to their website or check out our Resources for Moms page!

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Now that we’ve introduced you to our dream team of parenting experts who will be providing weekly “help from the hive”, we open the phones, DMs, emails, & comments to you all! Hillary, Jessica, & Melissa are armed & ready to make this whole parenting thing easier for YOU! Please reach out with any sleeping, pregnancy, or parenting questions or concerns & we will share the answers in our weekly newsletter! If you aren't already signed up, click here to get yourself on the list! One very important thing to note: nothing is off limits as this is a judgment-free zone with the sole purpose of easing stress & anxiety. Your questions will remain 100% anonymous. Nobody is perfect & we are all on this overwhelming yet wonderful journey together. That being said, if someone happened to ask about a 4 year old who still has a pacifier & ends up in their parents bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT, I wouldn’t be mad. Asking for a friend of course. Email or DM @busylittlebeect with question submittals!

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