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Three Roots Education

Monday, July 16, 2018


My girls recently had a (messy!) blast learning about a super fun, eco-friendly art program that opened this spring in downtown Ridgefield (sidenote: is Ridgefield not one of the most charming towns in Connecticut?!). Three Roots Education goes back to the "roots" of art & creating art products & materials which are natural, organic, and ethical. You won't find chemicals in their classes...they even clean with vinegar, soap, & water that they source from ethical companies. 

I am going to be totally honest here and say that my family is not the cleanest or the greenest. Of course we recycle, and we try and use all-natural products as often as we can. But I have a house full of a popular-name-brand's crayons, markers, and paints. I am always thinking about the food I put into my girls' bodies and the products I put on their skin, but I never thought much about the art supplies that they use on a daily basis (both at home and at school). Not to mention how my younger monster likes to put them in her mouth more than on the paper. But after spending just 90 minutes with Shannon Carey (Founder & Lead Educator at Three Roots Education), I almost called our preschool to demand they stop using toxic, environmentally harmful art supplies! This is obviously impossible, so to move this post back into a positive direction, let me tell you more about the classes themselves. Because not only are they better for us and the environment, they are EXTREMELY interesting and FUN!


Classes are offered for 9 month olds, adults, and everyone in between! Children's class themes include discovering how items from your garden can be used for art, making your own crayons, creating art from your favorite books, & so much more out-of-the-box fun! On our visit to Shannon's studio (which is adorably located inside a flower shop) we made beautiful watercolor paints out of fruits and vegetables like spinach, hibiscus, and beets. I was shocked by how vibrant the colors came out by using only all-natural ingredients! We also used egg-based paints that looked, felt, and painted just like an oil-based paint. The girls covered the face of half an orange with the paints and went to town using it as a stamp. They mixed and matched the colors and the final product camp out beautifully (this was my personal favorite part of the morning). We finished up our time at Three Roots Education by planting seeds of our choice to take home with us. I am now the proud owner (and caretaker!) of tomato and spinach plants. 

To really get a feel for this unique program, you must attend a workshop with your little one! Late summer & fall schedules, along with enrollment details, can be found at the links below. And best of all: Busy Little Bee users get 10% off by using the promo code "busybee10" at checkout!

Mommy & Me (9 months-2 years old) 

Preschoolers (3 & 4 year olds)


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