Action Art School

242 Sound Beach Ave
Greenwich, CT 06870

Little Picasso Preschool Art

It is an amazing and learning class for your kids ages 3.5 to 4.5. To create an art, they will learn about shapes and colors and to how combine and draw them. Here, we’ll provide canvas to paint, they can create a watercolor and work with clay.

Creative Creations

This class is available for kids of ages 4 to 9. Your kids will have fun and learn to draw and paint on canvas as well as in watercolor.

Colorful Palette

Your kids will love this class as they will get the chance to draw and paint a variety of subjects. Plus, they will create a collage. We will also work with warm and cool colors,and learn about the primary, secondary and complementary colors.

Colorful Collage

In this class young artists will create colorful collages that pop. While learning all about color, texture and contrast. They will create a collection of artwork they can be proud of. They will learn all about how color will affect the final art piece including using warm and cool colors. This is a fun and educational class.

Wonderful Watercolor

In this class kids will learn how to draw then paint in watercolor gouache. They will learn all about the color wheel, tints and shades and warm and cool colors including how to mix watercolor paints. Each session will include a holiday or seasonal project to display for years to come. They will draw the subject, plan out the colors, learn to mix those colors and finally paint.


Students will build Lego creations. Lego builds more than just buildings, they build minds and friendships too. No lesson, just fun!