All About Fencing

Classes will cover the basics of fencing footwork, bladework and bouting tactics. Students will improve their speed, reaction time and fence competitive bouts every day! All fencing equipment will be provided.

Preschool Ballet

Young dancers will learn basic ballet steps in a fun, creative atmosphere.


Classes will utilize fun drills, coordination exercises, and age appropriate games to enhance students understanding and aptitude for tennis. More advanced players will focus on stroke refinement, movement, court sense and match play.

Mad Science

Put on your science goggles and come on a Science Adventure! Scientists in Training will gain a basic understanding of all different areas of science while doing intriguing, hands on, experiments! This program covers everything from cool dry ice to hot air balloons, from dinosaurs to a rocket launch that is out of this world, and much more!

Tiny Tots Soccer

The Blue Wave Kickers (BWK) Soccer Academy offers a Tiny Tots soccer program for 2 – 5 year olds. Fun is the single most important thing the Blue Wave Kickers (BWK) teaches. Blue Wave Kickers Tiny Tots soccer engages the children in physical activity while developing motor skills and basic soccer skills. We engage the children in fun and imaginative games that help build their confidence and self esteem. The session begins with running and fun stretching exercises followed by playing fun games with the soccer ball. Each class consists of dribbling, shooting and passing. This is all done in a fun, non-competitive way. The session always ends with shooting on the goals and/or a small-sided game.

BWK Little Athletes

Blue Wave Kickers staff will engage your child in physical activity while developing motor skills and sports fundamentals through a variety of sports. We will help your child build confidence and self-esteem by playing fun games built around sports such as soccer and t-ball.


Darien Martial Arts Academy provides training to hundreds of local children in a friendly yet serious and disciplined setting. Children love the active environment and martial arts offer a wide range of physical and intellectual advantages. Improved strength and stamina, better balance, improved listening and concentration skills are a few examples of how martial arts can compliment both classroom and sports performance. Students can expect to develop a stronger more disciplined mind thus more thoughtful and responsible young adults will be created.

*This program is for beginner students or returning Darien Parks & Recreation students only.