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Green Moon Drop In

Address: 140 Rowayton Ave, Norwalk, CT 06853, USA

Location:Green Moon
Address:140 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton, CT
Website:Green Moon
Ages:2 to 7 year olds
Drop Off:Yes
Cost:$20 Friday, $60 Thursday


Drop in and drop off with Green Moon workshops! Children will enjoy art while learning to interact with peers, and sharing and building social skills. Children learn through a process-focused curriculum, where art is instructed through experience, and through an exploration of techniques, tools and materials based in a multi-media art curriculum. Depending on the class, children will also explore the richness of music and reading.


Day Time
Thursday 3:30-5:30
Friday 4:00-5:00

Enrollment Process & Dates:

Call 203.354.4468 or email for program details and to register for this drop-in class.

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