2021 dates & details coming soon!
Summer Camp in a Box

Are you unsure about enrolling your 2-5 year old in summer camp? Would you like to receive weekly resources that would include amazing educational materials? Your children are used to learning in a play/classroom environment. “Summer Camp in a Box” will bring this classroom setup into your home.

How It Works:
  • One contactless delivery per month with four setups (one for each week).
  • Each Setup includes lesson plans and educational materials you will need.
  • Each Setup includes a variety of activities – Math, Language, Art, Movement, Music, and Science. PLUS! A weekly Spanish Zoom lesson (recording available)!
  • Receive videos, zoom invites, materials, and directions with photos of setups.
  • You take 10-15 minutes to set up each time and your child will be engaged for hours at the time.
2020 Dates:
  • June $350 (1 box → 4 Setups) – Add $50 per extra sibling
  • July $350 (1 box → 4 Setups) – Add $50 per extra sibling
  • August $350 (1 box → 4 Setups) – Add $50 per extra sibling
  • All 3! $900 (3 boxes → 12 Setups) – Extra sibling for free
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