Egg Carton Picnic

We’ve been doing our best to stay home and avoid the long lines (and frankly depressing scene) at local grocery stores. Of course we still need groceries, so we’ve been relying heavily on Instacart and other similar services for deliveries. Last month while we were preparing for all of the Easter festivities there was a mixup with one of our deliveries. As a result we ended up with 9 dozen eggs (that’s 108 eggs if you’re counting). Luckily we’ve made good progress using up– and giving away– the eggs, but we’re now stuck with all these empty cartons!

There are tons of crafts you can do with egg cartons, but we absolutely love the idea of using them for a sweet picnic (or on-the-go snacks). You can keep this purely functional and simply throw some snacks in the carton and be on your way. Or you can channel your inner Martha Stewart and make a fun activity out of it! We landed somewhere in the middle. The kids were busy with e-learning and didn’t have much of a chance to help me decorate the outside of the carton. However, I had the best time putting the snacks together and they loved being able to easily fold up the carton and head outside for a picnic.

To dress up the inside of the carton a little bit, I cut up some pink and white striped paper napkins into 4×4 inch squares and popped them into each of the 12 snack spots. This not only adds some fun but also makes the carton reusable for future picnics! Obviously use whatever snacks your kiddo likes. But if you need a little inspiration, we used:

  • pretzels
  • animal crackers
  • cheese
  • tomatoes
  • goldfish
  • mini cupcake (major treat!)
  • apple slices
  • pistachios
  • strawberries
  • carrots
  • fruit snacks
  • popcorn

We hope you have as much fun with this as we did! Our only piece of advice is to beware of bugs. Our 4 year old saw something crawling on her napkin and immediately threw the entire carton of snacks…