Marvelous Metamorphoses: An Outdoor Performance

Greenwich Audubon Center
Greenwich Audubon Center

613 Riversville Rd
Greenwich, CT 06831

In celebration of the amazing animals that go through metamorphoses every year such as Monarch Butterflies, please join us for this special performance with Adelka Polak of Sova Puppet Theater!

“Marvelous Metamorphoses” is an interactive outdoor family performance that unravels to present the incredible transformations in our world like caterpillar to butterfly, polliwog to frog, and more through puppets, music, and dance! Adelka Polak’s performance “Marvelous Metamorphoses” will engage audiences with the use of dance, music, puppetry, and mask-work to vividly portray characters and concepts told through movement, sound, and imagery in the story. We will journey through the life cycles of frogs, butterflies, and bees in this unique performance.

Puppets, costumes, and choreography were created by Adelka Polak, Kendra Garnett, and Justin Perlman, and the original music was created by Rick and Cynthia Quintanal.

Sova Dance and Puppet Theater celebrates humanity and the environment by engaging audiences through live performance, communicating that which cannot be described in words, making art accessible to communities around the globe. Sova mean “owl” in Slovak.

This IN-PERSON program has a limited capacity of participants and will be held entirely outdoors. All participants are required to wear a face mask covering for the duration of the program.

September 25

11:00am - 12:00pm
Age: All Ages
Price: 15+