Vanilla Swirl the Clown’s Magic Show

Greenwich Library
Byram Shubert Branch

21 Mead Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

Vanilla Swirl the clown will perform stories and magic along with twisting balloons. During the show, shy children will feel more at ease to see “Ed”, the puppet announcer, squirt water in Vanilla Swirl the clown’s face. The children will laugh when Vanilla Swirl explains how long his rope is and seems unaware that he is crowding a brave member of the audience by his gestures. The expression of the volunteer chosen to sit on the egg is priceless and is an opportunity for a good photograph. Even the young ones will feel comfortable making some hand motions towards a magic coloring book or squeezing water out of an imaginary cloud.

February 10

10:30am - 11:30am
Age: All Ages
Price: Free!