Music Together

Make Music Together with Your Family!

Come sing, dance and play with your child ages 0-8! Music Together has something for everyone, including Babies, Rhythm Kids (ages 4-8), Spanish language immersion, and more! Try a free class and join them for spring or the upcoming summer or fall semester. Join their musical community and find out why Music Together is the leader in early childhood music and movement programming worldwide.

Music Together of Fairfield County offers classes in 8 locations throughout Fairfield County, 7 days a week, and with UNLIMITED BONUS AND MAKEUP CLASSES! Register for one class and you can attend extra classes for free using their online scheduling system.

Music Together families come together to create a safe haven for parents, caregivers, teachers and children to put the stresses of daily life behind and bond over a mutual, natural love of music! 

Busy Little Bee users can try a free class AND save $20 off the Spring semester when you register online at using the code SPRING20!

  • Babies classes (ages birth-8 months) are a special experience for parents with their newborns. Learn songs and activities to bond and de-stress both mom and baby while you support your child’s learning during these critical first months. Connect with other new moms and enjoy guest speakers on topics such as:
    • Babies and Sleep
    • Body Back for Moms
    • Parent Collective workshops
  • Mixed Age class (ages 0-5) is the ultimate parenting hack- singing and dancing with your child makes both of you happy as you learn exciting and fun new ways to support their musical and overall development. Their developmentally appropriate teaching approach allows your child to be themselves – they embrace and work with all learning styles! Children sing, dance, play instruments, and take in the music making experience while observing and participating with their parents/caregivers .
  • Rhythm Kids classes (ages 4-8) invite children to sing, dance and play djembe drums as they learn multicultural songs and rhythms from around the world. This is truly the “next step” in your child’s music development, and great preparation for formal training on any instrument, voice lessons, etc.
  • Canta Y Baila Conmigo class (ages 0-5) is a Spanish language and music learning combination in one fun class that uses traditional songs from all Spanish speaking countries. Children develop “an ear” for the language by singing and following instructions in Spanish. The class works well as an exposure for non Spanish speakers as well as a celebration of culture for those native speakers.