Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy

2186 High Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06903

Bi-Cultural is a community day school embracing students and families across the Jewish spectrum and inspired by a deep respect for all family traditions while guided by Modern Orthodoxy. …provides a nurturing and academically stimulating environment that enables every student to achieve excellence in both secular and Jewish studies. An innovative values based curriculum enables our students to become educated, committed and ethical members of their communities. Menschlechkeit – building character – is our values standard. …students develop pride in their heritage. This is accomplished by teaching the fundamentals of Judaism: Torah, Hebrew language and love of Israel. By engaging students in meaningful religious, cultural and chesed experiences we strive to deepen their connection to Judaism and the Jewish people. …recognizes that each student learns differently, and that all children need to succeed. Therefore, Bi-Cultural respects the individual needs of each student and provides enrichment and remediation in keeping with their individuality, as well as a broad extra-curricular program to provide a well-rounded experience. …is a family. Our goal is to maintain an active partnership involving students, faculty, parents and the greater Jewish community. …gives its graduates the building blocks to become accomplished, committed and principled leaders in their secondary schools, universities, professions and communities.