Community Cooperative Nursery School

Community Cooperative Nursery School

4 Trolley Place
Rowayton, CT

CCNS believes children gain confidence and become lifelong learners when their curiosities are piqued and their individual interests are nurtured. “Children grow and develop as they explore exciting, well-planned, and open-ended learning opportunities for imaginative play, art exploration, scientific discovery, social interaction, problem solving, writing, music, movement, literacy, cooking, math, and outdoor fun.”

Learning through play is at the heart of the CCNS. Teachers observe their students at play then guide that play to help children learn more. The emergent-based curriculum builds upon children’s natural curiosity and interests. When a topic of interest lends itself to further exploration, teachers and students work together to plan out a more robust “project of study”.

Parents play an integral part in the CCNS experience and have a unique opportunity to actively engage in their child’s preschool experience and foster a deep bond with their child as they learn and discover together.