First Presbyterian Church Nursery School

37 Lafayette Pl
Greenwich, CT 06830

We welcome your children to our learning community! We look to create and implement a nurturing and enriching program designed to develop the whole child, socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Our Program Goals are based upon the Connecticut Early Learning Standards. and designed to build critical thinkers, problem solvers, thoughtful readers, good citizens, and kind friends. These goals are integrated in our developmentally appropriate classrooms through project based learning. Addressing the needs and interests of our community, teachers embark on in depth studies of topics meaningful to the children. Children explore all the domains including creative arts, literacy and language, science and discovery, math and dramatic play in this exciting and enriching pre-school experience. We celebrate what is unique and special about each child, and look to inspire a love of learning.


The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School strives to develop a love of learning in a nurturing, values-based environment through play and theme-based experiences that prepare each child socially, emotionally, and cognitively with readiness skills for a successful transition to kindergarten and life beyond.


The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School is a place filled with love, laughter and learning where children discover through play and participation in open-ended experiences, new concepts and skills. We encourage the spirit of community and the shared values of kindness and openness. Parents work together with teachers to support and enrich each classroom.


Schools are for children. All decisions, plans and programs should be designed in the children’s best interest. We believe in a well rounded experience that develops the mind, body and spirit and encourages each child to develop a love of learning.