Five Mile River Nursery School

Rowayton United Methodist Church
Rowayton United Methodist Church

5 Pennoyer St.
Rowayton, CT

Five Mile River Nursery School follows an evolving mix of Bank Street Method, Creative Curriculum and the Emergent Curriculum:

  • Bank Street Method: take the idea that cognitive growth cannot be separated from the growth of social and personal processes. The school is connected to the social world of which it is a part. Classes take trips out into the community to provide hands-on experiences through which children construct their own knowledge.
  • Creative Curriculum: take the stages of development: to trust others outside the family, to gain independence and self-control, and to take initiative and be assertive in socially acceptable ways. Teachers enhance and foster this development by following a consistent schedule, giving the children developmentally appropriate materials to use, encouraging their efforts with positive support, and allowing them to explore the environment independently.
  • Emergent Curriculum: to develop topics around the interests of the children. Their interests, ideas, and questions will provide the inspiration for classroom projects. Through both child-initiated and teacher-facilitated experiences, children are given the opportunity to fully explore the world around them.

Other curriculum highlights: storytelling, circle time, multi-sensory experiences and games, music, blocks, puzzles, art, natural materials and dramatic play. A major portion of the day plan will include outdoor play to promote physical, social, cognitive, and creative development.