Greenwich Academy

200 N Maple Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

Greenwich Academy - Ridgeview Campus

16 Ridgeview Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

To be a member of the Greenwich Academy Lower School is to be part of a community that, at its core, values love of learning, relationships, risk-taking, and citizenship. First and foremost, our girls are known.

We love having the opportunity to get acquainted with each of our students and to watch and support their growth as they make their way from pre-k and kindergarten through the Lower School. We celebrate the individuality of each of our students, recognizing that we all learn better when we are surrounded by diverse perspectives and ways of thinking.

We pride ourselves on providing not only a rigorous academic program, but also a PC-Group IV program that is full of rich and engaging experiences for the girls. Our remarkable faculty develops and redevelops these powerful experiences on a regular basis, responding to not only best practices, but also to the girls and their interests and passions. No two years are exactly alike. Further, our faculty as a whole is extraordinarily talented, not only in their primary teaching area, but also in ways that surprise and delight the girls. Having our teachers share a bit of themselves in this way is encouraged and celebrated.

Greenwich Academy takes pride in offering the best private schooling has to offer with elements like small class sizes, a diverse community, and a variety of programs and extracurriculars that set girls up for long-term success. From pre-K and kindergarten all the way through our Middle and Upper School, Greenwich Academy provides an educational experience that encourages girls to explore, interrogate, imagine, create and grow under the guidance of a dedicated and talented faculty.