Darien YMCA

2420 Post Rd.
Darien, CT

The mission of The Holly Pond School is to foster the growth of independent and confident scholars who respect themselves and others through active learning experiences that extend their knowledge in the classroom and beyond.

The learning environment at The Holly Pond School is experiential, interactive, and collaborative, with an emphasis on educating the whole person— fostering the intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical growth of each child. At HPS, children follow a consistent daily schedule with learning goals in mind. This is believed to help children feel secure (because they know what comes next) and independent (because they move from one activity to another easily and confidently).

Being located within the Darien YMCA allows extra opportunities for active enrichment, including swimming and gymnastics. This broadens learning beyond the classroom, engaging the body as well as the mind, helping children develop courage and confidence.

Other curriculum highlights: Music, sports, swimming, gymnastics, various “Enrichment Programs” throughout the year

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