Kiddy Care

68 Hartswood Rd
Stamford, CT 06905

We are NOT an institution, we are a “Play-School”. Kiddy Care’s atmosphere is one in which your child will feel comfortable and secure because they are in a “Home away from Home”At Kiddy Care, children are not grouped by age. You will see children of varying ages playing together in what is called “mixed aged groupings”. By being in a home environment and playing with children who they know as well as siblings, children feel comfortable and develop self-esteem. In our program, we provide opportunities to learn and grow, which helps parents grow in their rolls as well.

At Kiddy Care, each child is encouraged to interact with others, while maintaining their own independence. They participate in art, nature, science, games, active play, outdoor play and field trips. They are exposed at a very young age to a variety of activities, especially art and music, In addition, we provide computer-based learning and foreign language instruction (Spanish & Italian), foreign language is introduced as early as possible through song, play and games. We deeply believe that each child finds their strength and success through the play they do now.