Mater Salvatoris College Prep School

403 Scofieldtown Rd
Stamford, CT 06903

Mater Salvatoris Schools are Independent Catholic College-Preparatory Schools for girls from Pre-K through Grade 12, under the direction of the Sisters of the Company of the Savior.

Since 1952, the mission of the Company of the Savior has been to provide a faithful Catholic education to young and teen-aged girls, with the purpose of accompanying women from their early years until their admission to the university, to lead them to discover their unique talents, and to assist them in successfully meeting the challenges of the XXI century.

Our schools are located on ample green spaces that allow direct contact with nature. In this caring environment, our school community promotes the development of the whole person in all its dimensions: academic, human and spiritual, in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

The Preschool years are crucial for our students’ lives, where they build the foundation for further learning, development of behavior, good habits, fine and gross motor development, skills, interests, and strategies, for their future. During this early stage, with the assistance and guidance of the teachers as facilitators, students start to make connections, relating concepts, and developing global thinking. It is a very important moment to assess, take action and reinforce different learning and affective areas that each student may need. For this, we will work with speech specialists and other learning professionals.