West Elementary School

769 Ponus Ridge Rd
New Canaan, CT 06840

New Canaan Preschool is committed to preparing each preschooler to be lifelong curious, independent, unique thinkers and learners. We strive to nurture a love for learning and connectedness in each child. We help our students reach their full potential by providing every learner with an academically appropriate, individualized learning program aimed at developing their play, social, language, cognitive, and motor skills. We believe our integrated approach provides educational benefits to all.

Guiding Principles:
  • Preschool children learn best when they feel safe, cared for and celebrated.
  • Preschool children need to find joy and challenge in learning.
  • Preschool children thrive in thoughtfully structured classrooms which take into account individual strengths and needs in all areas of development, including pre-academics and social emotional learning.
  • A great preschool must have highly qualified, passionate teachers and support staff.
  • Preschool children learn at different rates and in different ways; teachers must understand, address and embrace learning differences.
  • Preschool children are best served when teachers develop a collaborative, respectful and trusting relationship with parents.