Putnam Indian Field School

101 Indian Field Rd
Greenwich, CT 06830

At Putnam Indian Field School, we create conditions in which discoveries take place. We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in play, engaged in activities of interest to them and that lead them to make choices, explore, experiment, investigate, discover and create. The teachers follow the child’s interests and introduce learning skills in the context of those interests so that each child’s early school experience becomes a happy, exhilarating adventure. At PIFS, the child learns to function effectively and comfortably both independently and in group situations; and grows in confidence, independence and responsibility. Sound social and emotional development is our primary goal; and encouraging this development is the guiding force in all we do.

PIFS provides an early childhood educational experience that will ignite a love of learning and inspire children to:

  • Be creative and critical thinkers
  • Have a positive self-image
  • Bravely take risks
  • Embrace diversity
  • Feel responsible for themselves and their world
  • Be good friends