Shiny Little Stars

2510 Bedford St
Stamford, CT 06905

The facility is a state of art in childcare business , featuring an absolutely beautiful space for little children, with a fun and specious outdoor play area. Convenient located Downtown Stamford, SLS is committed to providing the best and safest learning experiences for families with children 20 months to 5 years old.

Our program includes an developmental appropriate curriculum that supports children’s earning and skills. The curriculum is developed to respond to the needs of each child. Developmental Appropriate Practices are fundamental practices to us when planing activities and learning experiences.

Our daily routines include both individual and small group learning experiences in a classroom. Your child will be introduced to important emerging literacy skills fostered thorough listening to stories and participating in music and movement. Fundamental introduction to math skills, such as numbers, shapes and sorting through sensory exploration, is taught in large and small group settings. Teachers incorporate language and social development through imaginative art projects, dramatic play and circle time. Your child will constantly be working to master all developmental stages while forging friendships and having fun in each creative learning experience!