S’Mores Day!

photo from momontimeout.com

Gimme s’more! In honor of National S’Mores Day we have rounded up a list of absolutely delicious looking s’mores recipes for you and your littles to have fun creating. Some more traditional and other’s totally unique (like s’mores fudgsicles!). If baking isn’t your thing, not to worry. Head to Stamford Museum & Nature Center on Sunday for an afternoon of exploring why marshmallows turn brown in the campfire, and then stack them with grahams and chocolate to enjoy a yummy treat! You can find full event details on our calendar. And if even that’s too much for you to handle, run to Trader Joe’s as fast as possible to pick up a stack of their Campfire S’mores Bars. Enjoy!

The Elvis S’mores (+14 other creative s’mores!)