Speed Coaching with Hearth Wellness

At the end of September I made the transition from working out of the home 3 days a week at a corporate “desk job” to being home full time with my girls. Around the same time we went from having pretty much full time childcare to having absolutely none. The adjustment of being home solo for the first time (while trying to maintain Busy Little Bee with ZERO free time to do so) had me completely overwhelmed and feeling out of control. By mid November I knew it was time to do something about it, so I reached out to Julie Vincent at Hearth Wellness in Rowayton. Julie is not only a certified Holistic Health Coach and yoga teacher, but she’s also a busy mom of 2 young kids who has to balance home and a growing business. So she totally gets it! 

Julie offers a variety of services ranging from health and wellness speed coaching sessions, meal prep events, nutrition and recipe consultations, fridge and pantry “tune ups”, grocery store tours, and of course yoga classes! Since my areas of improvement were really about the chaos in my life, I committed to 3 speed coaching sessions with her. We could tackle my messy pantry another time…but first I needed to tackle my messy head! Keep reading to hear more about my amazing experience with Julie!

During a speed coaching session, you’ll meet with Julie for an hour (in the comfort of your own home!) and leave your time together feeling energized and excited to make small improvements that will make a big difference in your nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, relationships, career and more. Julie will ask you questions ahead of your first session so that you can get right to your wellness pain points and figure out realistic goals for you to focus on. You’ll be shocked at what you can uncover and accomplish in just 3 1-hour sessions! Afterwards, she’ll follow up with some tips and action points to help you stay on track. An added bonus: she’s accessible for on-going support in the event you need that extra bit of encouragement!

After our time together I jotted down just a few of the thoughts I had to describe my experience with Julie:

  • Very easy to talk to (which is obviously super important when you are discussing sometimes personal and private aspects of your life)
  • Extremely professional: she followed up our sessions with an email that recapped what we discussed and included action plans for the time before our next session
  • While easy to open up to and trust, she also holds you accountable (which we ALL need)! When you discuss various ways to improve your health and wellness and you say “yes, I’m totally going to do that!”, don’t be surprised when she asks you how it went at the following session. You probably won’t be shocked, surprised, or overwhelmed by the advice and plan Julie comes up for you. These are things you already know you need to do, but she gives you the extra kick in the butt to DO IT!
    • One huge thing she pushed me to do was map out what each day/week looked like at the time & what the ideal would be (down to making lunches & packing backpacks). From there, what was prohibiting me from executing the “ideal”? The biggest roadblock, amongst some other more easily-fixed ones, was childcare. I didn’t necessarily need to go back to having full-time help, but I needed something (even though I wouldn’t admit it at first because we can DO IT ALL, right?! Wrong.). She held me accountable on that realization (down to checking in on my interview process) and now we have an amazing babysitter which allows me to have a standard routine on the days I have her help. It seems so obvious and simple, but I needed to see the craziness on paper and the push to just do it. I’m so happy I did!
  • the advice she gives helps the big picture: you, kids, marriage, mental health, physical health, career. While you tackle small compartments of your life at a time, they all connect to help your whole being. 
  • she is there for support when you’re proud of yourself or need that extra bit of encouragement 

If you are feeling in need of support in really any part of your busy mama life, I highly recommend reaching out to Julie for some speed coaching (click here to contact her). Sitting with her and coming up with a plan to stop. the. madness will instantly take a huge weight off of your shoulders (before you even take action!). We are all juggling 1,000 things at once, but there really are ways to make it easier and more manageable. We just need to be realistic with our expectations and make small adjustments that make a big difference – having someone help you figure out these steps and support you along the way is so valuable!

Speed Coaching Discount!

Lucky for you, Julie is offering a special discount for Busy Little Bee users! Invest in your wellness and sign up for 3 personalized speed coaching sessions (just like me!) for only $250. Simply mention that we sent you and you instantly save! 

Hearth Wellness focuses on helping busy moms find real-life ways to feel their best selves while raising a healthy family.  Julie Vincent, Holistic Health Coach, offers nutrition, meal prep, organization, self-care and yoga support through one-on-one coaching, small group events and workshops/classes. As a stay-at-home mom of two and entrepreneur, she approaches coaching with a family-friendly philosophy that focuses on balance and small steps. Visit www.hearth-wellness.com for more information on her philosophy and offerings.