Stay busy while school is closed

With most schools and activities now closed for a minimum of two weeks due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are well aware that our gloriously energetic kids will have us going batty (no pun intended) by day 2. In an effort to make this uneasy time as manageable as possible, we’ve come up with some fun ways to keep the kids busy and you sane! We’re hoping to take our own advice and: stay as positive and patient as possible. Most things are completely out of our control at this point, so turn up the music (we suggest Bob Marley) and don’t forget to smile!

Theme Days

Follow along as we create a day’s worth of fun and educational activities for various themes! Added so far:

Activity Kits

Make your life easier on the days (or weeks) that you’re not feeling creative by checking out our roundup of the best activity kits!

Arts & Crafts

Check out what’s always in our arts and crafts bin here!

Indoor Activities

Morning Chores

Check out the below links for a TON of ways to pass the time while stuck inside.

Cosmic Kids

Online Resources

The internet is full of both fun AND educational tools to keep your little ones busy!


  • ABC 123
  • ABC Mouse
  • AlphaTots
  • BrainPOP
  • Bugs and Numbers
  • iWriteWords
  • LetterSchool
  • Starfall
  • TallyTots
  • Teach Your Monster to Read

Explore the Outdoors!

Just because we’re supposed to be practicing “social distancing” doesn’t mean we can’t leave the four walls of our TV room. And even in the winter, nothing boosts our mood like some fresh air!

  • download our drive around scavenger hunts here and here
  • have a scavenger hunt in your backyard (another family favorite!)
  • go back to basics: break out the bubbles, chalk, bikes, & scooters
  • go WAY back to basics and play a game of four square or wallball
  • modify the obstacle course and take it outside!

“Home Schooling” Schedule

This creative schedule created by a Massachusetts mom (& photographer) will hopefully help your family get through the next few weeks! Of course feel free to modify it or simply use it as a loose guide to create some sort of structure.