Summer Reading

Taking a new book outdoors to read in a cool, shady spot is one summer’s simplest pleasures! We all know that reading is such a wonderful way to forget about everything happening in the world, remove yourself from a device, and just relax. And this is true regardless if you’re 3 or 93! Libraries are making reading extra fun this summer with their Summer Reading programs. From infants to adults, there is something for everyone in your family. There are reading logs, book lists, contests, virtual events, and so much more. Check out details about your local library’s summer reading program below!


With programs for pre-readers, kids, teens, and adults, all ages can sign up to read together this summer. Summer booklists are available here and events here.

Read to Me Club (Pre-Readers)

For every five books you read together or every five activities that you complete together with your child, you will receive a raffle ticket that you may enter to win one of our prize baskets. Log your progress here.

Readers in Grades K to 6

Children between grades Kindergarten to 6th can participate in Darien Time Machine 3000 with our digital challenge through Beanstack.

This summer, travel through time and return the lost librarians who are lost in the past and bring them back to 2020. Time travelers who uncover the locations of the lost librarians and help them return to safety will be entered into the Grand Prize Raffle. Each participant in Darien Time Machine 3000 will receive a Timeline sheet that consists of 11 reading challenges and 5 physical challenges.

Be sure to also check out Darien Library’s Teen and Adult programs.


This year’s Summer Reading Program is filled with reading challenges, virtual events, and boredom-busting activities for kids of all ages. The Library’s Summer Reading website has reading lists, virtual events, and a fun activities section that will have weekly crafts, reading Bingo, coloring pages, STEAM learning activities, and videos. Click here to check it out!

Preschool Read-To-Me

Preschool and pre-reading children can join in the fun to earn small prizes in the Read-to-Me program. Track your reading by using the Library’s coloring sheets and reading logs to earn a small prize for every 10 books they read. Click here to register and here for reading logs/color pages.

Grades K to 6

Students grades K to 6, select your library location and register online here. Log your reading minutes online and complete activities to earn great prizes, including raffle tickets for a chance to win a grand prize when the program ends.

Greenwich Library’s Teen program can be found here.

New Canaan

Summer Reading is here and there is a program for everyone!

Preschool and Younger

Read books and complete early literacy activities together to help prepare your kids for reading! Earn badges to complete the Rainbow Road Trip using our printable Family Map! Click here to register and here for the badge list and Road Map.

Rising K-5th Grades

Read books and complete activities to earn different badges, which you can turn into tickets for prize drawings and even more incentives at home using our printable Family Map! Register here and download your badge and Family Map here!

Teen & Adult summer reading programs also available here.


Get in the Game this summer at the Norwalk Library! It’s simple, just register and play to earn raffle tickets. Then use your tickets to enter to win 8 different raffle baskets!

Complete a Level – get a badge (+ raffle ticket).

  • This year it is a simple online program. For each book you read (up to 10 books) you will earn an online badge and raffle ticket.

Complete Activities – get a badge (+ raffle ticket)

  • Write book reviews
  • Draw a picture
  • Make something out of Play-Doh
  • Build some Legos
  • Create an origami character
  • And more….

Summer Reading Lists from the Norwalk Public Schools can be found here.

Old Greenwich

Register for all Perrot Memorial Library summer reading programs here. View Greenwich Public School’s suggested reading list here.


Keep track of each book you read with a grownup, or listen to as an audiobook. Once you have completed 20 books, you win a free book!


You can read a book or an e-book, or listen to an audiobook. Once you’ve read your first book, you win a magnetic bookmark. When you read your third book, you can pick from among a dragon grabber, a unicorn headband, or a book light! When you’ve read your fifth book, you win a book!

Teen & Adult summer reading programs can be found here.


Get in the Game this summer at the Rowayton Library! Register here and play (you must register online to participate)!

Complete a Level – get a badge (+ raffle ticket). Completion of Level 4 earns you a jump pass to Sky Zone!

  • Level 1: Read 1 book
  • Level 2: Read 2 more books (3 books total)
  • Level 3: Read 3 more books (6 books total)
  • Level 4: Read 4 more books (10 books total) – earn a Sky Zone Pass!
  • Level 5: Read 5 more books (15 books total)
  • Level 6: Read 6 more books (21 books total)
  • Level 7: Read 7 more books (28 books total)
  • Level 8: Read 8 more books (36 books total)
  • Level 9: Read 9 more books (45 books total)
  • Level 10: Read 10 more books (55 books total)

Complete Challenges – get a badge (+ raffle ticket)

  • Write book reviews
  • Take a selfie of you reading
  • Go on a hike or walk and find a spot to read
  • Do a science experiment
  • Find and try a new recipe to share
  • And more…

Keep completing challenges for more badges and raffle tickets. Raffle prizes are gift cards and backpacks filled with books.

Summer Reading Lists from the Norwalk Public Schools can be found here.


Stay safe at home! Register and log reading minutes online here or on your device with the ReadSquared app. You may also register and participate with a paper log at any Ferguson Library location once they reopen for service (dates varies by location).

Earn 500 points and become a Summer Reading Finisher! Earn points by reading or completing BINGO board missions. Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll receive a completion certificate that you can print and share. And stay tuned: more information on prizes will also be announced at a later date!

Need a book recommendation? We’ve got you covered!

Be sure to also check out Ferguson Library’s Teen and Adult programs here.


This year we invite you to READ! DO! and GO! READ! DO! GO! is for all ages and is designed to encourage life-long healthy habits. Your daily mission is to READ something, DO something, or GO somewhere. And that’s it!

Keep track of your reading, doing and going with this printable log. Print this fun READ! DO! GO! bingo card and see if you can fill up all of the squares. The first 250 people to complete a mission and request books for curbside service will get a limited edition 2020 READ! DO! GO! bag!

READ something: Books, magazines, comics, the cereal box, etc…all count as reading. If it has words, you are reading! Check out some reading lists and ideas on the READ! tab.

DO something: Make a craft, take a walk, exercise, swim, play a game, clean your room, etc…all count as doing. If you are moving around you are doing! Check out some more things to do on the DO! tab.

GO somewhere: Go to a play, museum, the zoo, the beach, grandmas, etc…everywhere counts, both virtual and live. As long as you are somewhere else you are going! Check out some places you can go to on the GO! tab.

Summer Reading Lists can be found here.

Adult programs are also available– including a fun Summer Reading Challenge!