Voro + Busy little Bee

We are thrilled to share an awesome way that the Busy Little Bee community is growing!

We’ve all been there: desperate to find an amazing doctor for ourselves, children, spouse, or parents. You don’t totally trust what shows up on a random search engine. And you’re tired of digging through the archives of various Facebook® groups every time your medical needs change (today you need a dentist, tomorrow a dermatologist, and next week a pediatrician).

If you’re like us, you have been wishing there was a magic online tool that provides trustworthy doctor recommendations, checks insurance, and makes appointments. Well, our wish was recently granted when we were introduced to VoroVoro is a healthcare social network where people share doctor recommendations with their friends and communities, and book appointments through free concierges.

Thousands of Connecticut residents are using Voro to share doctor recommendations and find doctors they can trust. And now Busy Little Bee users have a group of their own on Voro! Helping each other find activities, events, and preschools is so much fun, but now we can help each other in the most important way: by recommending quality healthcare professionals.

Click here to join Busy Little Bee’s group on Voro!